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All orders are handled manually, and full web automation will not work for complete transactions, so please read the information below carefully and contact msirt@sirmuse.com if you have further questions.

There are 2 "kits" available for Alice, a perusal kit to audition the material, and the full production kit which incorporates the license:

(customers outside of the continental US, please read the [*] footnotes)

(Read Me! Hear Me!)

A perusal kit is available upon request by download (script to be printed out by the purchaser) for a $15.00*, non-refundable handling fee (orders are handled manually on an individual basis and supply a substatial amount of material that need not be returned). For an additional $20.00 (postage included) these materials will be shipped to you** as a spiral-bound script book and a music CD disk.

The perusal kit includes:

  • A script of the play, 50 pages, including lyrics, vocal "sides", casting, production notes, in .pdf*** format, if downloaded (as a spiral-bound script book if ordered by parcel).

  • A set of 10 demo tracks with recorded vocals, in .mp3 format, if downloaded (on a CD if ordered by parcel). This includes complete tracks of all the vocal music and its accompaniments - with the composer singing all the parts. A non-vocal movement piece is also included. No other incidental music is included in the perusal set.

Customers who order perusal kits, or otherwise inquire, will receive by email attachment, a license agreement form which must be completed and returned with remittance for the full production kit if the decision is made to produce the show. There is no obligation to purchase a perusal kit in advance of ordering the full production kit/license, however.

Order a perusal kit using PayPal

(Stage me!)

The base purchase price for the complete production kit is $265.00 for US cutomers* who are able and willing to download the all materials in digital formats and self-process them (print-outs, music tracks, etc.). This includes the licensing fees. The license permits an unlimited number of performances within the time frame of one month (plus other standard licensing protections). There are no additional pricing stipulations based on house size/ticket prices/number of performances.

For an additional $45.00 materials, handling & shipping charge** (postage included), the kit can be shipped you as CD's and print-outs (including a spiral-bound copy of the 94 page piano/vocal score, formatted as a book - see "Delivery Options", below, for more details on this).

The production kit materials include:

  • One .pdf formatted script file*** (or single-sided print-out, if ordered by parcel), 50 pages including lyrics, vocal "sides", casting, production notes and music tracks cueing guide, intended for duplication for your cast and production staff.

  • 30 tracks of accompaniments and incidental music, recorded in high quality audio (downloadable mp3's or shipped as a CD).

  • A piano-vocal score of all the music, 94 pages, including songs, harmony parts, cues, and incidental music (downloadable .pdf*** or shipped as a spiral bound book) .

  • The set of demo tracks of the perusal package, if not ordered previously (shipped as a CD or downloadable mp3's).

In addition, SirMuse will offer free consultations (by email or phone) to purchasers of the full production who have questions or problems regarding the implementation of the material. Also, for a modest fee, SirMuse can re-master any of the musical accompaniments to alter the key, should vocal range problems arise in your production.

For more information about the license terms and procedures, please click the button below:

* Non-US customers PLEASE READ THIS: All stated prices reflect the fees for US customers. Additional charges will apply for international customers who wish to pay in a non-US currency or through a non-US bank. This includes international PayPal transactions (1% fee). PayPal will accept payment for stated US dollar amounts and make the monetary conversion from local currencies. If international customers choose not to use PayPal and wish to make payment through an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), they must cover all fees associated with that type of transaction. Please contact msirt@sirmuse.com to set up bank routing numbers, etc, or for more information on paying through an EFT. The licensor must receive a US dollar equivalent to the stated fees for all international purchases. Customers outside the continental US who need shipped copies of the perusal kit or wish to order the full production package should make a request by email to msirt@sirmuse.com as international transaction charges and overseas shipping arrangements may vary from country to country and will have to be worked out between parties. Upon request all US dollar fees can be invoiced for you by Sirmuse.
** The shipping and materials charge is based on US postal rates. Additional charges will apply for international orders and also for expedited shipping, if requested.
*** For international customers who wish to download and print out their script and score, please note that pdf files of the material formatted to the A4 (ISO 216) international paper size standard are available on the download sites. Hard-copy materials that are shipped overseas will be sized in the US Letter (8.5' X 11") paper format.


All puchasers, upon receipt of payment (and completed license form if ordering the full production kit and license), will receive password access to the digital download sites, along with instructions for accessing the material. If hard copy materials are requested by parcel, those materials will be shipped to the payer's shipping address submitted with their PayPal transaction or received by email by USPS Priority mail. Additional costs will be incurred for shipping, handling and materials as described above. International customers who wish a shipped parcel sent to them will be presented with 3 USPS shipping options with respective costs, details of which will be outlined by email communication.

Here is a detailed comparison of delivery methods, showing the advantages and disadvantages of only downloading vs. having the materials shipped to you:


SirMuse can accept credit card remittances, but only by making payment using PayPal.com, the internet-based monetary transaction service. Checks, money orders, and purchase orders are accepted from US customers. International customers may use PayPal to pay through the internet or else may wire the remittance through bank to bank international transfers (EFT's).

(PayPal also allows direct bank account withdrawals in lieu of credit card use, but one must enroll with Paypal for this option. Enrollment is free of charge. Visit PayPal.com for details).


US customers may order perusal kits through PayPal, or may pay by check or money order sent to an address provided by email communication. To expedite a PayPal payment for a perusal kit, please venture down to the PayPal section on this page and choose your appropriate ordering option above the first "Buy Now" button. Or you may contact msirt@sirmuse.com for more details on the use of PayPal or for other payment options. The materials will be made available by your chosen method of delivery upon receipt of payment.

International customers who would like a Perusal Kit and are willing to download the materials may place a PayPal order on this page by clicking on the second "Buy Now" button below (under the "International Customers" heading). The $15.15 USD fee for non-US customers includes the 1% transaction charge.

Kit orders are manually processed, so please allow a day or two for a response. Materials that are ordered by download delivery will, in most cases, be available within hours of receipt of the order.


Full production kit and license orders must be arranged for by communication by email or through other means. Payment by US customers may be made by check, money order, or purchase order sent to an address provided by email communication. Credit card transactions through PayPal may be used to make the purchase. If you wish to use a credit card and are able to use PayPal, a PayPal invoice stating cost (and parcel costs if so ordered) will be emailed to you providing you with a mechanism for doing so. If PayPal is not used for remittance, the purchase can be invoiced by SirMuse at the buyer's request.

If a full production kit is ordered, delivery will commence upon receipt of your remittance and the completed license form.

Kit orders are manually processed, so please allow a day or two for a response. Materials that are ordered by download delivery will, in most cases, be available within hours of receipt of your order.


If you are interested in producing this version of Alice in Wonderland and want to read the script or hear more of the music before making your decision, you may order a perusal kit which will provide a complete script and mp3's of all sung music with recorded vocals. The PayPal section of the site is just below. There you may expedite a perusal kit order with a credit card via PayPal:

To order a full production package without first ordering a perusal kit, or if you need further information, please contact:



Use this section only for ordering perusal kits via PayPal (valid email and shipping address required during the process). A response will come to the email address used to make the payment. All orders are handled manually so please allow a day or two for a reply. In most cases a response will come within hours of receipt of the order. Your email reply will contain further instructions for downloading or taking delivery by parcel.

PayPal may be used for full production kit remittances by credit card. An invoice will be emailed to you with the mechanism for doing so, subsequent to your request.


(Alaskan or Hawaiian customers who would like to order a perusal kit by shipped parcel please contact: msirt@sirmuse.com)

Choose your shipping method from the drop-down menu below, then click the "Buy Now" button.
(pricing for shipped materials option includes parcel postage)

Delivery Options



Customers outside the United States may order the perusal kit here (download delivery only).
Price: $15.15 USD including international currency transaction charges. PayPal will convert your local currency remittances to US dollars.
Please contact msirt@sirmuse.com if you wish to purchase the perusal kit and need to have the materials shipped from the United States.

Please address all inquiries to:

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Alice Home

Alright, already!

So, you've gotten this far, have you? A lot of detailed information? Perhaps, but here's how Lewis Carroll 'simplifies' a complicated idea (or complicates a simple idea - you decide)

(excerpt from the script):

Duchess: ... Now, here, Mary Ann, is the baby. Take good care of it and...

Alice: But I’m not Mary Ann!

Duchess: Oh, I quite understand. But remember the old saying (directing focus to the cook):

Cook (clearing throat & pontificating):
... “Ahem...Be what you would seem to be!” Or, if you’d like it put more SIMPLY: “Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were, or might have been, was not otherwise than: what you had been would have appeared to them to be ... otherwise!” (beat)

Alice: I don’t know what you're talking about.

Duchess: You don’t know much and that’s a fact.

Ft. Collins Children's Theatre production, November 2008

Alice Home