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Michael Sirotta's Alice in Wonderland is a musical/operetta based on Lewis Carroll's well known dream-adventure novella, and, with a few alterations and abridgements, is true to Lewis Carroll's original story line and characterizations. It is suitable for performance by professionals as well as by primary and high school youngsters (grades 5 to 12). The production features an original musical score with original lyrics, and is youthful in spirit, but sophisticated enough to captivate adults. This is a high quality production with liberal licensing terms that is moderately priced.


Wonderland is a magical environment and music can help make that magic come alive on stage. The music, which ranges in style from pop to opera (without operatic vocal requirements) expresses the humor, drama and emotional power of the beloved tale and brings to life its magical elements. The score's songs and descriptive incidental and choreographic music accompanies the action with cinematic intensity, thus participating in the storytelling.


The production is in one act and runs approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The size of the cast is large, but flexible (about 34 if you include all the 'bit' parts - larger contingents can be accommodated by augmenting the choreographic and larger choral numbers with additional personnel). A casting feature of this rendition is the employment of five similarly costumed actresses to share the role of "Alice"**. Click the following button for more information on the employment of five Alices in this production:

** If a producer/director would prefer, it is possible to adapt the script so as to merge those roles into that of a single performer - or fewer Alices, very simply done by combining roles.
Likewise, the role of the Cheshire cat is shared by two performers, enabling creative stagings of the cat's vanishings. For a complete casting break-down, please click here:

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This production provides choreographic opportunities for creative staff and performers, but the demands are flexible. Major "dancing" is not required, although those capable are certainly welcome to apply their talents. The musical score contains one isolated movement piece ("Caucus Race"), with a simple suggestion for its staging presented in the script. Other choreographic moments occur in the transformation sequences and in dance breaks during some of the vocals. Director/choreographers are invited to be as creative as they like in staging movement that the music and script evokes.

All script & music materials are downloadable,

or can be shipped to you.

If you are seeking a unique, musical version of the Alice tale for your stage, this production may be what you are looking for. Whether your company, school or theater program has meagre or elaborate resources available, you will find producing it to be a rewarding experience for all. The show is adaptable to a range of performance situations and has been staged in venues ranging from gymnasium basketball courts to 2000 seat high-tech theaters.

If you wish to give a listen and have a look at some of the material, there are music and lyric samples available here:



You may also order a perusal kit that will provide a full script and audio of all the vocal music of the show.

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For more information about the show, a brief synopsis and production history, visit this WIKI PAGE


Or, if you have further questions, contact:

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